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Livsmart Face Recognition Attendance Management

Livsmart, an ambitious project spearheaded by technocrats, is Research and Development based company of International repute. We currently manufacture products for Home automation, Office automation and Face Recognition Access Control Solutions.    Having cumulative experience in the Technology, Engineering, automation, artificial intelligence (AI), Machine learning, the team is striving to offer a futuristic state of art solutions to bring ease in living.  The team is dedicated not only to bring the best solutions and technologies, but also to continuous development of our offering to match the changing lifestyles of our customers as well as the technologies they use.

Living with COVID is the new normal. The lockdowns and quarantines may not be the permanent solution! In this context, Livsmart has launched a “touchless” attendance with Facial Recognition and Temperature Screening. From scanning the visitors’ and employees’ temperature to relaying this information to HR & management and even restricting access to those with high temperature, the touchless attendance system ensures a healthy workplace.

It’s Time to move over Biometrics and embrace ‘touch-less’ attendance. Livsmart Touch-Less employee attendance can;

  • Detect and match the faces of staff members or visitors with their temperature recorded
  • Communicate the information to HR and management in real-time (In case of higher temperature) and assist employees in applying sick leave.
  • Restrict access to those employees by not opening the door to safeguard his / her colleagues’ well-being
  • Support government authorities with essential information, if needed.
  • Integrate with sliding doors / turnstiles to create a complete “touchless” experience for employees
We have 4 models to offer for Contactless Face Recognition and temperature priced at different price points –
1) LIVSMART AAGMAN  – Mid priced model without temperature reading. They have 4 different sizes of kiosks . Pricing and Video attached. They are soon to upgrade to model with temperature.  The company provides complete after sale and service support across India
2) LIVSMART RAMCO  – Premium priced model with temperature reading. We represent Ramco for their touchless Face Recognition, Temperature Reading and attendance. The software is proprietary and is the lifeline of the product. The hardware cost is not much (Approx Rs 80000) but the monthly subscription is minimum Rs  100000 per month. It is suitable for MNCs or large organizations with employee strength of 2000 plus. Find attached the videos of the product and the Product presentation.

Ø  Working Video – https://youtu.be/5olhNcDzUnQ

Ø  Brief Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=je8PCz–WUA

Ø  Explainer Video – https://youtu.be/TOWgepsT3qE

3) LIVSMART BIOTEMP  – We have recently started representing the company Time Central Singapore in India for their Face Recognition system. The product is very robust and technologically advanced . Ideally for employee strength of 2000 plus. The solution stores data in the cloud and can be easily integrated through API with existing systems. User friendly mobile app  to register employees and do the settings for temperature , attendance etc.
3) Livsmart Face Recognition & Temperature Reading – There are 2 models Livsmart TDO Pro 2k and Livsmart TW05T manufacured in China with lndia after sales and service support  The product literature and the video of the same is attached. The pricing of the TW05T  model is  Rs 85000 + Taxes and the TDO Pro 2K model is Rs 75000+ Taxes
Stay Tuned!