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Builder’s and Developers

Disrupt the realty market.
With Liv Smart buildings, we want to help realtors
 leverage the power of IoT to stay one step ahead of the 
competition by transforming their real estate projects into 
smart buildings of the future.
Diverse group of buyers
Our smart homes’ offer enhanced security with the added 
comfort of convenience and automation that’ll attract 
customers from all walks of life.
Stay ahead of the competition
With features such as voice assistant, real-time power 
tracking, smart phone control over appliances, wow your 
customers away from your competition.
Great value for money
Did you know you could install a smart home at just 0.5% of
 the total cost of a home? Now is the chance to make a great 
investment with a single decision.
Setup at any stage
Livsmart Products can be integrated into a building at any stage 
of development. Whether you want to give a new life to an 
unsold property or integrate with a new project, KIOT is here 
by your side!
Enhanced security and surveillance system

Motion and occupancy sensors with smart surveillance cameras to detect intrusion at multiple points. Smart emergency buttons to notify security personnel in danger.

Smart water management

Centralised control of water pumps. Real-time water consumption report of every home using smart flow sensors.

Smart Common Area Lighting

Automated lighting system with single phase controllers. Centralised control of all common lights with features such as schedules, routines and workflows.

Smart energy meters

Provides real time power consumption tracking at different points in the building including every home. Get alerts to notify consumption over threshold limits.

Centralised building management dashboard

Generation of Detailed energy consumption reports. Provides easy building security monitoring. Includes smart water and lighting system management.

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