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Protection Against Natural Accidents

1. Sensors for all-round protection

Quick detection of any natural events like sudden rise in temperature due to fire, or gas leakage or water leakage from any unapproachable area in your home.

2. Instant Alerts and Notifications

Notifies you instantly and within time about the occurring of any natural disaster and helps you prevent any further damage.

Smoke and Temperature Sensing

Some Smoke Sensor also have an additional feature of temperature sensing. Apart from being just a smoke sensor, it is also senses sudden changes in temperature. Sometimes it might be possible that there is not enough smoke sensed to trigger the alarm, but the temperature goes high.

Any rise in temperature above 54 degree will be detected by the sensor and an threat alert will be raised.

Configure with other Devices

The Fibaro Smoke Sensor can be configured to work in synchrony with other devices of the Fibaro Ecosystem. The Smoke Sensor can report to the HC2 soon to take action in case of any fire breaks-in. With one touch configuration, you can open blinds, doors, windows, light up the escape pathway and much more.

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