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Energy Management turns Simpler


One Touch Control

Check and monitor the status of all your home electrical appliances over your smartphone. Control the devices at convenience and ease.


Energy Monitoring and Saving

Monitor and Control the energy usage patters of different electrical appliances in your home. Trigger lights based on presence and day-time schedules for optimum energy usage.

Learn Usage Patterns

Based on your daily behavior and routine, your smart home devices will learn your energy usage patterns and optimize them giving you the peace-of-mind.

Detailed Analysis for Energy Usage

Get complete and detailed analysis about the energy usage patterns by each of your home electrical appliances.

Based on the generated chart patterns, allow the main controller to take proper decisions of controlling your appliances as per need. For e.g. turn off all the appliances when you set the controller to “away” mode.

Scheduling of events

Set a timer on all your electrical appliances and save on your monthly bills. Control and schedule your devices like geyser or an air-conditioner.

Also set up a weekly schedule which will eliminate the need of manually switching!.

Learning Usage Patterns

How about your home loves you back? Brews coffee for you, turns the geyser on all the while when you are snoozing your alarm for that five minutes of your precious morning sleep? Your smart home controller learns your habits and tunes your appliances to make you feel more comfortable and safe.

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