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Home Smart Home !

Say hello to the home of tomorrow, where security, convenience and comfort brought by the world’s latest technologies come together to wow you right in the midst of your home sweet home.


​​​​​​​Forgot to lock the home? Livsmart home lets you lock your home right from your phone. Monitor your home like a hawk from anywhere in the world. Your home is always safer when its smarter.

Energy Efficiency

​​​​​​​There’s no other motivator like a smart home that motivates you to save power. In fact, you can save

15-20% of your normal monthly power consumption in 

 Livsmart home.


​​​​​​​Make your home do tasks on its own. No more having to remember turning off ACs and heaters. Or switching off water pumps. Livsmart home can do all that on

its own.


​​​​​​​Let your home make intelligent decisions for you. Next time it gets too hot in the room your AC will turn on, on its own. No need to reach out for the remote.


Can your home turn your living room into a movie theatre with a tap on the phone? Or welcome you with an evening scene when you return from work? Well Livsmart home can.

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    Smart control from any location.

    Control your home appliances from anywhere in the world. With simply a tap on the phone. See all the appliances in use in every room through your app. Turn them on or off at your convenience.

  • Safety. With no compromises.

    Livsmart lock will guard your home when you’re away. Also, lock rooms separately through the app for safety inside the home. Use motion and occupancy sensors to monitor motion in any room remotely. Livsmart home app will alert you in the event of an intrusion.

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    Detailed Power stats at your fingertips

    No more waiting till the end of the month to see you power bill. In Livsmart home, view your daily and monthly power consumption in real time. Track power consumed in individual rooms. See weekly trends in energy usage. Monitor power consumed by heavy duty appliances.

  • Universal remote control

    No more hassles with 10 different remotes to control your appliances. Control all your IR remote controlled appliances like TV, Set-top box, AC etc. with a simple click on your smart phone..

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